2018 Little Big Year Status Update (Oct 5)

Life List: 254 (+28 for 2018)

Mississippi Year List (2018): 195  (see table at bottom of post)

Mississippi County Lists: Lowndes 146; Oktibbeha 147; Noxubee 131

This post is a little random – mostly just birding highlights from the last several months.

This fall, I completed my Ph.D. work, and as an early graduation present, my dad bought me a scope.  I have been bemoaning the fact that I lacked a scope for most of this year, since I started my little big year.  One of my bucket list photos has been to capture a shot of the beautiful Prothonotary Warblers that have been popping around Noxubee NWR all spring and summer.  Before I got my scope, every time I’d see one of those little sunshine birds glowing in the cypress shadows, I’d die a little inside (from wanting to capture that moment on film).  I finally got my chance in August, and even got a cool little video.

I know I’m not up to the standards of the serious nature photographers, but I’m having a great time getting more decent images than I used to be able to manage.


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Lowndes County (Aug. 2018)

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Aug. 2018)


There was quite a collection of shorebirds at Carson Pond back in August.



In early September, J. Harris clued the Audubon crowd in on some Bank Swallows in Lowndes county.  I got some great looks at this lifer species.

Bank Swallow (Sept. 3, 2018)



M. Schiefer picked up a wonderful bird down at Oktibbeha Co. Lake in mid September.  We initially thought it was a Red-necked Phalarope, but on subsequent examination, it proved to be a juvenile Red Phalarope!  It’s quite a rare bird to see inland in Mississippi.  I made it out the first day she had it, but it stuck around another day and about half of the Mississippi Ornithological Society dropped by to see it on their way back from the Fall meeting in Tishomingo State Park (I missed it due to having to work on dissertation revisions).  You can kind of see the buffy-pinkish wash on the foreneck in my video, distinguishing REPH from the similar RNPH.

Red Phalarope, (Sept. 2018)

Red Phalarope, (Sept. 2018)


In late September, J. Harris and I got to take a drive down the North Levee at Noxubee NWR.  An acquaintance of mine K. Martin had reported some baby Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, and we were trying to pick them up.  We got skunked on the BBWD, but about halfway down the levee, I spotted a huge kettle of about 300 Broad-winged Hawks!  Just a little earlier that day, I’d thought to myself, ‘I hope I can manage to get a BWHA.’   Well, that worked out!


Common Gallinules and Purple Gallinules down at Noxubee in late September.


2018 Year List of wild birds seen alive and unrestrained

ListCommon NameLocationDate
1Rock PigeonCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds5-Jan-18
2Great Blue HeronCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds5-Jan-18
3Bald EagleCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds5-Jan-18
4Red-tailed HawkCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds5-Jan-18
5Canada GooseStarkville, Daniels Ponds5-Jan-18
6MallardStarkville, Daniels Ponds5-Jan-18
7Ring-necked DuckStarkville, Daniels Ponds5-Jan-18
8Hooded MerganserStarkville, Daniels Ponds5-Jan-18
9Turkey VultureStarkville, Daniels Ponds5-Jan-18
10Wood DuckNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
11Northern ShovelerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
12Pied-billed GrebeNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
13Red-shouldered HawkNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
14Barred OwlNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
15Yellow-bellied SapsuckerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
16Red-bellied WoodpeckerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
17Downy WoodpeckerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
18Northern FlickerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
19Eastern PhoebeNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
20American CrowNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
21Carolina ChickadeeNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
22Ruby-crowned KingletNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
23American RobinNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
24White-throated SparrowNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
25Red-winged BlackbirdNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
26Pine WarblerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
27Yellow-rumped WarblerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
28Northern CardinalNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee24-Jan-18
29Mourning DoveNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
30American CootNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
31Black VultureNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
32Red-headed WoodpeckerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
33Hairy WoodpeckerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
34Blue-headed VireoNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
35Tufted TitmouseNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
36White-breasted NuthatchNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
37Carolina WrenNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
38Golden-crowned KingletNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
39American GoldfinchNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
40Song SparrowNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Jan-18
41Blue-winged TealNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee1-Feb-18
42Eastern BluebirdNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee1-Feb-18
43American PipitNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee1-Feb-18
44Wilson's SnipeNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook1-Feb-18
45Double-crested CormorantCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds13-Feb-18
46Green-winged TealNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee16-Feb-18
47Great EgretNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee16-Feb-18
48Winter WrenNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee16-Feb-18
49American WigeonNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook16-Feb-18
50KilldeerNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook16-Feb-18
51Swamp SparrowNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook16-Feb-18
52Loggerhead ShrikePaccar Fields, Hwy 18219-Feb-18
53Northern MockingbirdPaccar Fields, Hwy 18219-Feb-18
54Dark-eyed JuncoStarkville, Hunters Ridge22-Feb-18
55Cedar WaxwingStarkville, Lowes/Zaxby's23-Feb-18
56House SparrowStarkville, Lowes/Zaxby's23-Feb-18
57Brown-headed CowbirdStarkville, Emerson Family School23-Feb-18
58House FinchStarkville, Hunters Ridge24-Feb-18
59American KestrelStarkville, Daniels Ponds24-Feb-18
60Northern HarrierPaccar Fields, Hwy 18226-Feb-18
61GadwallPlymouth Bluff--River Trail27-Feb-18
62OspreyPlymouth Bluff--River Trail27-Feb-18
63Pileated WoodpeckerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail27-Feb-18
64Hermit ThrushPlymouth Bluff--River Trail27-Feb-18
65Common GracklePlymouth Bluff--River Trail27-Feb-18
66Belted KingfisherPlymouth Bluff Center27-Feb-18
67Ruddy DuckOktibbeha County Lake28-Feb-18
68Eastern TowheeOktibbeha County Lake28-Feb-18
69CanvasbackOktibbeha County Lake1-Mar-18
70RedheadOktibbeha County Lake1-Mar-18
71Chipping SparrowColumbus Lock and Dam--East Bank1-Mar-18
72American White PelicanColumbus Lock and Dam1-Mar-18
73Tree SwallowPlymouth Bluff--River Trail2-Mar-18
74Brown ThrasherPlymouth Bluff--River Trail2-Mar-18
75Brown-headed NuthatchNoxubee NWR--Visitor Center3-Mar-18
76Blue JayNoxubee NWR--Webster Memorial Grove & Loakfoma N. Overlook3-Mar-18
77Orange-crowned WarblerNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook3-Mar-18
78Eastern MeadowlarkNoxubee NWR--Morgan Hill Overlook3-Mar-18
79Palm WarblerMSU--North Farm4-Mar-18
80Eurasian Collared-DoveMSU--North Farm5-Mar-18
81European StarlingMSU--North Farm5-Mar-18
82BuffleheadNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake6-Mar-18
83Red-cockaded WoodpeckerNoxubee NWR--Woodpecker Trail6-Mar-18
84Field SparrowMSU--North Farm7-Mar-18
85Vesper SparrowMSU--North Farm7-Mar-18
86Rufous HummingbirdMayhew, 545 Mayhew Rd (restricted access)9-Mar-18
87Lesser ScaupCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds10-Mar-18
88Fish CrowNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook12-Mar-18
89Ring-billed GullCatalpa Creek Catfish Ponds13-Mar-18
90Great Horned OwlStarkville, Daniels Ponds13-Mar-18
91Purple MartinMSU--South Farm14-Mar-18
92Savannah SparrowMSU--South Farm14-Mar-18
93Cattle EgretColumbus Lock and Dam--West Bank15-Mar-18
94Cooper's HawkWhite Slough--west access15-Mar-18
95Barn SwallowMSU--North Farm17-Mar-18
96Brewer's BlackbirdMSU--North Farm17-Mar-18
97Yellow-throated WarblerNoxubee NWR--River Road18-Mar-18
98Northern ParulaNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake18-Mar-18
99Northern Rough-winged SwallowNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook18-Mar-18
100Louisiana WaterthrushNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance19-Mar-18
101Yellow-throated VireoStarkville, Emerson Family School20-Mar-18
102Blue-gray GnatcatcherPlymouth Bluff--River Trail20-Mar-18
103Gray CatbirdPlymouth Bluff--River Trail20-Mar-18
104Rusty BlackbirdColumbus Riverwalk21-Mar-18
105Black-and-white WarblerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance23-Mar-18
106Black-throated Green WarblerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance23-Mar-18
107Spotted SandpiperNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook23-Mar-18
108Little Blue HeronNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook23-Mar-18
109Common YellowthroatNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook23-Mar-18
110White-eyed VireoNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance25-Mar-18
111Solitary SandpiperNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook25-Mar-18
112Greater YellowlegsNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook25-Mar-18
113Lesser YellowlegsNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook25-Mar-18
114Snowy EgretNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake26-Mar-18
115Prothonotary WarblerNoxubee NWR--Cypress Cove Boardwalk26-Mar-18
116Wild TurkeyStarkville, Robinson Rd and Logan Rd27-Mar-18
117Ruby-throated HummingbirdStarkville, Hunters Ridge28-Mar-18
118Hooded WarblerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance28-Mar-18
119Cliff SwallowStarkville, Camps Airport Rd Bridge29-Mar-18
120Red-eyed VireoPlymouth Bluff--River Trail2-Apr-18
121Indigo BuntingPlymouth Bluff--River Trail2-Apr-18
122Summer TanagerNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Rd Entrance6-Apr-18
123Eastern KingbirdNoxubee NWR--Cypress Cove Boardwalk6-Apr-18
124Green HeronNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook6-Apr-18
125Wood ThrushNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook6-Apr-18
126Common GallinuleNoxubee NWR--Loakoma Walk7-Apr-18
127Common LoonNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake7-Apr-18
128Eastern Wood-PeweeNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Boardwalk7-Apr-18
129Prairie WarblerStarkville, County Lake Rd Clearcut (restricted access)10-Apr-18
130Kentucky WarblerN Maben Bell Schoolhouse Rd at Hogpen Rd (restricted access)10-Apr-18
131Chimney SwiftStarkville, Emerson Family School11-Apr-18
132Purple GallinuleNoxubee NWR--Loakoma Walk11-Apr-18
133AnhingaNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook11-Apr-18
134Great Crested FlycatcherNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Boardwalk13-Apr-18
135Orchard OriolePlymouth Bluff--River Trail16-Apr-18
136Worm-eating WarblerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail16-Apr-18
137Blue GrosbeakPlymouth Bluff--River Trail16-Apr-18
138Caspian TernColumbus Lock and Dam16-Apr-18
139Scarlet TanagerColumbus Riverwalk20-Apr-18
140Yellow WarblerColumbus Lock and Dam21-Apr-18
141Swainson's WarblerColumbus Riverwalk22-Apr-18
142BobolinkMSU--North Farm23-Apr-18
143Lark SparrowMSU--North Farm24-Apr-18
144Yellow-breasted ChatStarkville, County Lake Rd Clearcut (restricted access)27-Apr-18
145Acadian FlycatcherPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
146Swainson's ThrushPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
147Baltimore OriolePlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
148OvenbirdPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
149Golden-winged WarblerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
150American RedstartPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
151Blackpoll WarblerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
152Rose-breasted GrosbeakPlymouth Bluff--River Trail28-Apr-18
153Gray-cheeked ThrushColumbus Riverwalk29-Apr-18
154Yellow-billed CuckooPlymouth Bluff--River Trail30-Apr-18
155VeeryPlymouth Bluff--River Trail30-Apr-18
156White IbisNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook1-May-18
157DickcisselMSU--North Farm1-May-18
158Northern BobwhiteNoxubee NWR--Woodpecker Trail2-May-18
159Painted BuntingSessums, Sessums Rd -- N Bridge3-May-18
160Scissor-tailed FlycatcherSessums, Sessums Rd -- N Bridge3-May-18
161Magnolia WarblerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail4-May-18
162Chestnut-sided WarblerPlymouth Bluff--River Trail4-May-18
163Short-billed DowitcherMacon, Stan Tabor Rd5-May-18
164Horned LarkMacon, 885 Greenbriar Road5-May-18
165Bachman's SparrowNoxubee NWR--Section Line Rd west of Dummy Line Rd7-May-18
166Black-crowned Night-HeronNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake10-May-18
167Least SandpiperMacon, Stan Tabor Rd15-May-18
168White-rumped SandpiperMacon, Stan Tabor Rd15-May-18
169Semipalmated SandpiperMacon, Stan Tabor Rd15-May-18
170Willow FlycatcherMacon, Stan Tabor Rd15-May-18
171Grasshopper SparrowHale Quarters Rd, Aberdeen17-May-18
172Mississippi KiteNoxubee NWR--Cypress Cove Boardwalk20-May-18
173Chuck-will's-widow8587 Co Rd 255 (Eupora)23-May-18
174Eastern Whip-poor-will8587 Co Rd 255 (Eupora)23-May-18
175Common NighthawkStarkville, Newks viscinity23-May-18
176Yellow-crowned Night-HeronNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook15-Jun-18
177Wood StorkNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook16-Jun-18
178Black-bellied Whistling-DuckNoxubee NWR--Goose Overlook22-Jun-18
179Black-necked StiltMacon, Stan Tabor Rd26-Jul-18
180Pectoral SandpiperMacon, Stan Tabor Rd3-Aug-18
181American AvocetWhite's Creek Lake3-Aug-18
182Least TernWest Point Sewage Lagoons9-Aug-18
183Forster's TernWest Point Sewage Lagoons9-Aug-18
184Stilt SandpiperCarson Road Ponds (Restricted Access)12-Aug-18
185Wilson's PhalaropeCarson Road Ponds (Restricted Access)12-Aug-18
186Swallow-tailed KiteStarkville, Curtis Chapel Rd (N. pastures)15-Aug-18
187Tricolored HeronCarson Road Ponds (Restricted Access)18-Aug-18
188Semipalmated PloverCarson Road Ponds (Restricted Access)21-Aug-18
189Black TernColumbus Lock and Dam24-Aug-18
190Eastern Screech-OwlStarkville, Robinson Rd and Logan Rd30-Aug-18
191Bank SwallowBrooksville, Baldwyn Rd3-Sep-18
192Roseate SpoonbillOktibbeha County Lake13-Sep-18
193Red PhalaropeOktibbeha County Lake22-Sep-18
194Broad-winged HawkNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake N. Levee29-Sep-18
195Northern WaterthrushNoxubee NWR--Bluff Lake Boardwalk29-Sep-18



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